Strong Body, Sexy Mind

Rocky Russo
Strong Body, Sexy Mind: The 2 Sides to Success

“Failure cannot exist where success lives.”

This was my interpretation of a Tony Robbins talk where he addressed that “fear is physical. So is stagnation so is numbness, so is rage… By participating in an intense workout you change your biochemistry to one of power and determination.”

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And therefore, fear, failure, pain, guilt, shame cannot share a home with success.

Debate my interpretation of it if you so desire but the simple fact is twofold:

  1. Success of the Body- Whenever we exert a powerful physical force our state of being becomes transformed by a series of biological sequences which inhibit and overturn any potential for fear-based emotions.

    • Consider this the offense of your whole fitness.

  2. Success of the Mind- Strengthening the mind to only allow for beneficial thought-patterns will always transform the potential for fear-based ones to exist and therefore lead you into stories of failure.

    • Consider this the defense of your whole fitness.

I’m a life coach. I have the opportunity of working with many different individuals who are actively working on a multitude of different aspects of their life. And, no matter what the issue is, physical activity will always remain among my primary tools offered to support my clients’ further growth. Failure cannot exist where success lives. And reminding yourself that you are a force to be reckoned with by choosing to activate your primal instincts of power, you’re already winning.

Now, on the opposite side of the same coin lives another type of success. If strengthening the body is your team’s offense, then we’ll consider strength of mind to be your defense, and let’s face it, as any fellow athlete is aware, an offense may win the game but a defense wins the championship. And this championship is called “your life” it’s a pretty big deal.

In the same way we must practice fun and meaningful activity in the body, we must learn to take dominion over the activity of the mind.

Now, please note that I did not say we need to stop the mind, this would be impossible and unnecessary. What I would like to propose however, is this- if you do not prioritize your mindfulness practice, your mind will forever run you.

Let me say this in another way:

WEEDS GROW AUTOMATICALLY. So what are you doing on a consistent basis to garden your mind?

What would happen if you questioned your next thought?

Could you deliberately strengthen the “mental muscles” that direct You around the decisions and actions of your life? Could you learn to befriend the voice that talks you out of a jog through the neighborhood or the one that whispers sweet nothings to you from the fridge long after dinner?


And if so what might you find out about yourself?

For a moment, let’s entertain the thought that perhaps you are far more powerful than you’ve been lead to believe.

Could you then decide that each one of your “bad habits” and “unhealthy thoughts” are actually just your greatest teachers awaiting Your attention? Could this all be an opportunity for you to take your power back?

A “sexy mind” is generally quite easy to spot.

I’m sure you can think of a friend or acquaintance who rarely complains about his situation. Who practices patience in a conversation, letting others speak candidly. She usually possesses a calming energy and is very easy to be around. You breathe deeper when you are in her presence, and you are in envy over the way things always tend to work out in their favor.

Well, I’ve got some pretty outstanding new for you…

This person is you.

Perhaps you’ve yet to see or believe this truth, but I do assure you it’s true. However, to discover this magnificent truth about yourself it will require two things:

  1. You must believe that you are worth the effort it will take to remember this truth no matter how much practice is involved.

  2. You must put in the effort.

Now, chances are, one of the two sides of the coin are simpler for you than the other. Either, you’ve got a pretty good offense or defense.

Perhaps you currently or formerly participate(d) in physical activity and success in this arena seems attainable. Or, you’ve experienced what it means to have a sexy mind, generally free from anxiety and limiting beliefs and home to a positive outlook.

And, the good thing is: You’ve now got access to a TON of tools to help you strengthen your offense and your defense.

For a full decade I’ve witnessed a fitness industry working to divorce a person’s mind from their body. For far too long, there have been mindful “hippies” or macho “bros” and the time has come to merge the mind-body back into one high-functioning state of sexy, strong and whole.


That is why I created Whole Fitness.

Whole Fitness is an online platform that delivers a copious amount of resources to promote your holistic fitness. Try out one of my guided visualizations and witness your mind transform into a peaceful place, or press play on one of the videos to shape-shift your body into a powerful animal!

Or discover what its like to combine forces of intensity and mindfulness when you commit to my Whole Fit-30 program. This 30-day transformation program capitalizes on my signature WIIT style (that’s Whole Intensity Interval Training) and will be everything you need to truly and finally BE ON YOUR TEAM.

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And always,


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